USED Everising Pivot Type S-4633SA

USED Everising Pivot Type S-4633SA

Specs -

330 diameter
305 x 460 Rectangular
305 diameter +/- 45 degrees
305 square +/- 45 degrees
250 diameter -60 degrees
250 square -60 degrees
Blade speeds: 25, 45, 70, 100 mtr/minute
Blade Tensioning: manual screw actuated
Blade Size: 4115mm x 27mm x 0.9mm
Drive Motor: 3HP
Hydraulic Pump Motor: 1/2 HP
Table height: 770mm
Weight: 800kgs
Floor Space: 2200mm x 2100mm
Coolant Pump Motor: 1/8HP

Features -

Saw Frame Angle: -60 deg to 0 to +45 deg
Double Mitre Cutting
Angle Swivel Adjustment: manual with graduated scale for setting
Hydraulic Vice clamping | Rack and Pawl
Manual Nesting Fixture
Infinitely variable blade speed controlled by an inverter
Front length stop measurement bar
Steel scale at base of saw for angle setting
Hydraulic cutting frame lift up and decent
Small compact design
Work light
Coolant system
Spray down hose for cleaning the machine
Pre machined slots in the cutting plate plate for better longevity
Cutting plate can easily be changed when needed by undoing a few bolts
Rigid carbide blade guides
Bearings on the guide arms for better blade tracking
Adjustable frame up positioning via a limit switch
Conveniently located control panel with a simple layout
Blade cleaning brush ensuring better blade tracking on band wheels
Blade tension pre defined setting
Interlock Switches on doors
Centrally located frame down feed adjustment via a steel knob
Swarf inbuilt collection area
Blade breakage shut off device

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